Explore the vastness of the universe in search of uninhabited planets to colonise and then bring those planets to life through the application of automation technology.

Get out of your ship and begin the colonisation of many worlds by gathering the natural resources that are available. Construct simple tools using the models provided, and then move on to constructing worker robots to assist you with your work. After you have used a graphical programming language to instruct, mould, and train their artificial intelligence, you can then command them to begin the construction of your colonies. It is difficult not to be amazed by the birth of your own civilizations comprised of working robots who are content to be under your command.

Firmware requirements: 5.05, 8

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA27571:

Autonauts v1 (CUSA27571 – EUR – PKG)
Autonauts Update 1.01 FW 8 (CUSA27571 – EUR – PKG)
Autonauts Update 1.01 FW Fix 5.05 or higher (CUSA27571 – EUR – PKG)