Bad North

Bad North is a roguelike real-time tactics game that is both charming and brutal. As a desperate exodus of your people is being led by you, you must defend the idyllic island kingdom you rule against an onslaught of Viking invaders. Give your obedient subjects the command to exploit the strategic potential offered by the one-of-a-kind shape of each island. There is nothing left to lose; if you are unsuccessful, just watch as the blood of your subjects turns the ground red.

It’s a mix of cute and gory, with idyllic procedurally-generated islands and lovable soldiers standing in stark contrast to the gruesome realities of war. It’s a very unique experience. You have command over the overall direction of the conflict and are responsible for issuing high-level directives to your troops, who then do their utmost to carry those orders out in the thick of the action. It has a simple player interface that conceals a dynamic combat simulation, making it appealing to new players while still posing a challenge to seasoned players, so it is both accessible and deep.

Keep up the fight, you brave warriors. Not for power, riches, or glory, but in the vain expectation that the harsh lands of the Bad North will one day experience peace again.

Firmware requirements: 5.05

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA10606:

Bad North v1 (CUSA10606 – EUR – PKG)
Bad North Update v2 (CUSA10606 – EUR – PKG)
Bad North Update v2 Fix FW 5.05 or higher (CUSA10606 – EUR – PKG)
Bad North DLCs (CUSA10606 – EUR – PKG)