Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II

Unspeakable evil has returned to the legendary city of Baldur’s Gate. A call for adventurers echoes through the embattled land. Cunning warriors and bold magic users are desperately needed to reclaim Baldur’s Gate from a dark sorcery that threatens all in its path. It’s Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II pkg.

Feature of Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II pkg

• Hack your way or cast powerful spells through over 80 perilous levels
• Hidden areas, secret characters, and hundreds of items to discover, customize, and use
• Forge unique magical weapons and armor to maximize the damage you inflict in battle
• Conquer hordes of beasts and armies of Hobgoblins, Ghouls, Golems and dreaded Dragons
• Compelling single or two-player cooperative modes of play

More details of Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II

A new kind of darkness is rising in Baldur’s Gate, the dangerous world where shadows dance and whispers carry secrets. An old evil that was thought to be defeated has clawed its way back from the depths of the abyss. Its chilling thorns are reaching out to grab the city.

People are scared, and the streets that used to be full of life are now filled with an eerie silence. The taverns and markets that used to be busy are now just empty shells of what they used to be. In the middle of all this despair, a light of hope shines out from the city’s darkest parts.

Five heroes, each with their own special skills and unwavering determination, step forward to fight the darkness that is closing in. Elara, the quick thief, is there. Her daggers flash like lightning as they hit with deadly accuracy. Then there is Grom, the brave barbarian, whose huge axe cuts through the enemy ranks with unwavering violence.

Next is Alyndra, the smart and strong witch. Her spells destroy everything in their path. Then there is Konstantine, the stoic paladin. His unwavering faith fuels his righteous anger, and he stands as a beacon of hope against the darkening clouds.

Finally, there is Thorin, the mysterious ranger. His bow is a deadly weapon, and his arrows always hit their targets right in the heart. This strange group of heroes sets out on a dangerous journey to find the source of the growing darkness. Their path is full of danger and uncertainty.

These people are going deeper into the city center when they come across monsters whose bodies have been twisted by the evil that has taken over. They fight their way through hordes of zombies, whose skeletal bodies are moving thanks to a dark necromantic energy.

They face terrifying animals with eyes that shine with evil intent and fangs that drip with poison. They also fight powerful sorcerers whose dark magic is a powerful weapon that could destroy everything in its path.

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Firmware requirements: 5.05, 9

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA34530 – USA:

Languages : Eng, Fra, Spa, Ger, Ita
v1.03 (CUSA34530 – USA – PKG)
Update 1.03 (Fix 5.05 / 6.72 / 7.02 / 7.55) (CUSA34530 – USA – PKG)