BioShock The Collection

Experience the critically acclaimed BioShock franchise in a way that has never been possible before by going back to the cities of Rapture and Columbia. The epic journeys of the BioShock universe are retold in BioShock: The Collection, which features gorgeous remastering in 1080p resolution.

BioShock: The Collection includes all of the single-player content from BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite, as well as all of the single-player add-on content, the “Columbia’s Finest” pack, and the Director’s Commentary: Imagining BioShock, which features Ken Levine and Shawn Robertson. In addition, the collection also includes the “Columbia’s Finest” pack.

Firmware requirements: 5.05

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – Dics 1: CUSA03979 – USA (Bioshock 1 & 2):

Bioshock 1 and 2 v1 + update 1.02 (CUSA03979 – USA – PKG)

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – Dics 2: CUSA03980 – USA (Bioshock Infinite):

Bioshock Infinite v1 (CUSA03980 – USA – PKG)
Bioshock Infinite Update v1.02 (CUSA03980 – USA – PKG)