Bit Dungeon Plus

Bit Dungeon Plus is a frenetic endless roguelike for 4 players. – Bit Dungeon Plus pkg


You have been kidnapped along with your lover by some evil demons! After being locked in a dungeon for thousands of years, you wake up from an endless dream with a desire for revenge. You grab your gun and begin a quest to save your loved one’s soul.

Destroy all the enemies in your path, collect different weapons and armor, learn magic and become more and more powerful to be able to kill all your captors and take revenge on the Soul Collector.

Roguelike Dungeon Crawling: Explore randomly generated dungeons, battling enemies and bosses as you make your way deeper. Each playthrough will be unique, with different challenges and loot to discover. If you die, you’ll start all over again, but you can use the experience you gained to improve your character for the next run.

Hack and Slash Combat: Bit Dungeon Plus features fast-paced action combat. You’ll slash your way through enemies with swords, axes, and other weapons, while also using magic spells to take them down.

Character Building: The game allows you to customize your character with different passive abilities. These abilities can enhance your stats, grant you special attacks, or provide other benefits.

Multiple Modes: While the core gameplay revolves around dungeon crawling, Bit Dungeon Plus offers a few other modes to keep things interesting. There’s a Boss Rush mode where you can fight a gauntlet of powerful bosses, and a Tower of Babel mode that challenges you to clear increasingly difficult floors within a time limit.

• Large procedural dungeon generation, every time you play is different.
• Randomly generated items.
• 4 Player couch co-op
• Massive Bosses
• Unlockables
• Multiple endings

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Firmware requirements: 5, 9

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA08273 – USA:

Languages : English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, French, Japanese, RussianBit Dungeon Plus v1 (CUSA08273 – USA – PKG)
Update 1.01 (CUSA08273 – USA – PKG)