Black Book

“Black Book” is a haunting story about a young sorceress who sacrificed her life to serve the evil forces. It is a combination of card-based role-playing games and adventure games. Slavic folktales offer a glimpse into a world that is both cold and alluring; here, you will learn the secrets that are buried deep within the shadows.

Vasilisa, a young girl who was destined to become a witch, makes the decision to throw her fate away and marry the man she loves. However, this dream is shattered when the man she was engaged to dies under mysterious circumstances.

Vasilisa, whose love has been taken away from her, searches for the Black Book, a demonic artefact that is rumoured to be so powerful that it can grant any wish to the person who breaks all seven of the book’s seals. Follow Vasilisa as she travels across the countryside, putting an end to the plight of the common people by battling demons and performing exorcisms.

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Black Book v1 + Update 1.02 (CUSA28263 – EUR – PKG)
Black Book Update 1.02 Fix FW 5.05 or higher (CUSA28263 – EUR – PKG)