Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

New Multiplayer Maps: “Shoothouse,” an abandoned live fire kill house in the desert, requires you to keep your eyes open around corners as you make your way through it. Later in the season, “Shipment,” an ultra-compact fast-paced map, will give you the opportunity to return your enemies to where they came from. New Raid episode: In addition, later in the season, Raids will make their debut in MWII. Raids will challenge groups of three players to complete a series of challenges that will require a combination of stealth, resource management, and puzzle-solving skills in order to succeed. Call of Duty Modern Warfare II pkg

New Weapons: Season 1 delivers with the Victus XMR Sniper and the dangerously fierce BASP-P SMG, both of which are available in the Battle Pass. Both of these weapons can be obtained by purchasing the pass. New Business Owner: Zeus, the new operator, gives you the opportunity to stake your claim in the most recent phase of military standard operations. By purchasing the Season 01 Battle Pass, you will immediately be able to unlock Zeus.

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Firmware requirements: 5.05

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare II v1 (CUSA34029 – EUR – PKG)
Update v1.08 FW 5.05 or higher (CUSA34029 – EUR – PKG)
All Small DLCs (CUSA34029 – EUR – PKG)
Content 1 DLC (CUSA34029 – EUR – PKG)
Content 2 DLC (CUSA34029 – EUR – PKG)
Content 3 DLC (CUSA34029 – EUR – PKG)
Content 4 DLC (CUSA34029 – EUR – PKG)
Content 5 DLC (CUSA34029 – EUR – PKG)