Revion Prime is the name of the dangerous alien world that Dolmen transports players to.
Your job? Bring back some samples of the so-called “Dolmen” crystal, which is characterised by its particularly one-of-a-kind properties.
These crystals have the potential to enable interaction between realities, which would transform the way space travel is conducted and forever alter the world as it is currently understood.

Every time you engage in combat in Dolmen, you will become more powerful!
Enjoy a deep and varied combat system, complete with a wide range of weapons and different types of moves.
To defeat the most difficult foes that Revion Prime has to offer, you must be able to seamlessly switch between close-quarters and long-range combat.

Controlling one’s use of energy is essential to success in Dolmen.
Not only are ranged weapons powered by energy, but also the “Energy Mode” feature requires it to be activated.
Activating “Energy Mode” gives your melee weapons the ability to inflict elemental status effects, which enables you to exploit your foe’s vulnerabilities.

There is a world out there waiting to be discovered, and it is broken but beautiful in its own way.
Are you going to be successful in uncovering all of Revion Prime’s hidden features? Or will the harshness of this world bring you to the verge of perishing?

Firmware requirements: 9

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA27520:

Dolmen v1 (CUSA27520 – USA – PKG)
Dolmen Update v1.01 (CUSA27520 – USA – PKG)
Dolmen DLC (CUSA27520 – USA – PKG)