A vehicle is used in the adventure game FAR: Lone Sails. You make your way across a dried-up ocean in a one-of-a-kind vehicle, following in the footsteps of a civilisation that was once flourishing. Maintaining forward momentum on your sailboat is essential through the many obstacles and perilous conditions you will encounter. Where will you end up if you continue on this path? Are you the last member of your species?

The ability to maintain and improve your vehicle so that it can face a wide variety of challenges and perils posed by nature is one of the game’s key features.
Explore a lonely seabed that has long since dried up, follow the paths left by your people, and unearth artifacts and structures that tell the narrative of a civilization on the run. This is your chance to discover a world like no other.
– Take part in a voyage filled with atmosphere: watch the clouds roll past in the sky above you and pay attention to the way the wind directs your sails toward the horizon.
It’s just you and your machine up against the vast nothingness in this zombie-free post-apocalyptic world. –

Firmware requirements: 5.05, 6.72

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA10288:

FAR LONE SAILS v1 FW 6.72 (CUSA12901 – EUR – PKG)
FAR LONE SAILS Update v1.02 FW 6.72 (CUSA12901 – EUR – PKG)
FAR LONE SAILS Update v1.02 FW 5.05 or higher (CUSA12901 – EUR – PKG)