Galaxy Shooter

Take your starship to fight!
Cruise the Galaxy and shoot down formations of the evil Kraathu Empire.
Dodge the bullet hell and shoot ’em up! – Galaxy Shooter pkg

Galaxy Shooter is a broad genre of video games typically categorized as shoot ’em ups set in the vast expanse of space. Players control a spaceship and fight against waves of alien enemies, often with the goal of protecting Earth or exploring the galaxy.

These games typically feature:

Fast-paced action and intense dogfights
Upgradable weaponry and spaceships
Power-ups and special abilities to enhance your ship’s capabilities
Challenging boss battles against powerful adversaries
A variety of missions and objectives to complete

Galaxy Shooter games can be further subcategorized based on their perspective:

2D Scrollers: These classic side-scrolling titles see your ship move horizontally across the screen, blasting enemies that come from the sides or the top.

3D Shooters: Modern titles often take a 3D approach, allowing players to move freely within a 3D environment and engage in battles from multiple directions.
Here are some popular examples of Galaxy Shooter games:

Space Invaders: This 1978 arcade game is considered a pioneer of the genre, establishing the core mechanics of shooting down waves of enemies.

Galaga: Another arcade classic released in 1981, Galaga introduced dual joystick controls and a variety of enemy types and formations.

Darius: This 1986 arcade game is known for its expansive, vertically scrolling stages and unique power-up system.
R-Type: Released in 1987, R-Type is known for its innovative “Force Pod” weapon system and challenging level design.

Gradius: This 1986 side-scrolling shooter from Konami features iconic power-ups and over-the-top weapon upgrades.

Galaxy Shooter games continue to be popular today, with new titles offering modern graphics, online multiplayer, and innovative gameplay mechanics.

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Firmware requirements: 9 or higher

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