Gale of Windoria

The Quartz Tetra, the source of all life, has become tarnished, and there is a growing sense of foreboding across the world. – Gale of Windoria pkg


Shan, a young boy from the Citizens of the Winds embarks on an adventure to purify the tarnished Quartz Tetra and save his childhood friend. With allies from different backgrounds, destroy the dark clouds of death and launch into the future on a fantastic adventure.

Soar on the breezes around the world in your flying Beakle, upgradeable with parts to access more areas. Use elementals not only in turn-based battles, but also in special dungeon challenges by combining character abilities. Also find Quartz to strengthen your party and acquire skills and techniques. Not to mention the entire world made up of nostalgic pixel art!

Embark on a heroic quest to restore balance to the world in Gale of Windoria, a captivating RPG adventure. The Tetra Quartzes, mystical stones embodying the essence of life, have become corrupted, sapping the wind from the land. Play as Shan, a young hero touched by the wind’s spirit, and take to the skies on a majestic Beakle, your customizable flying vehicle.

Explore a vibrant world painted in a charming pixel art style. Unravel the mysteries behind the Tetra Quartzes’ corruption and seek to purify them. Engage in turn-based battles where strategic use of elements is key to victory. Harness the power of the Quartzes to bolster your party, unlock potent skills, and overcome any obstacle.

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Firmware requirements: 6.5, 9

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA34635 – USA:

Language : English
Note : No Trophy
Gale of Windoria v1 (CUSA34635 – USA – PKG)
Update 1.01 (CUSA34635 – USA – PKG)