Godstrike is a time-sensitive 3D boss rush in the style of Bullet Hell. This indicates that you must confront each Boss and win the fight against them before the allotted time runs out.
Because time is both money and health, spending it on abilities or taking damage will cut into the amount of time you have left to use in combat. You had better keep an eye out!

Defeating the bosses that you encounter along the way will grant you access to over 40 special abilities. Your ability loadouts will be able to be customised before each fight, allowing you to discover powerful combos and synergies and make your playstyle as effective as possible.

In Godstrike, you take on the role of Talaal, the seventh and final mask that God wears. Talaal tracks down her bearer just in time to engage in combat with her siblings, who are on the hunt for her in order to consume the power contained within the mask. The bearer is currently caught in the middle of a conflict that is not her responsibility; this vicious cycle appears to be impossible to break.

Firmware requirements: 7.5

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA28427:

Godstrike v1 (CUSA28427 – US – PKG)