Granblue Fantasy Relink

The beautiful world of mobile JRPG sensation Granblue Fantasy – first introduced to PlayStation audiences with the spectacular fighting game Granblue Fantasy Versus – is now realized in a fully 3D action RPG. – Granblue Fantasy Relink pkg

Soar to the Sky Realm, a floating archipelago set against a great blue expanse. Become captain of a skyfaring crew as you sail with a colorful cast of crewmates on your quest to find Estalucia, a legendary island said to lie beyond the sky’s end. Visit the Zegranded Skydom and unveil a web of intrigue that will embroil you in a battle for the fate of the entire Sky Realm.

Create a party of four, each with unique weapons, skills and combat styles, and master a deep real-time combat system with team-based techniques including Link Attacks and Chain Bursts. Take on quests, battle enemies and score valuable loot solo, or party up with friends for up to four-player co-op.

A diverse crew of skyfarers
Join up with Vyrn, a scrappy little dragon, and Lyria, a young girl with mysterious powers, as well as diverse cast of crewmates ranging from rogues to royalty.

Combat for all
Assist modes provide valuable aid for players of all skill levels and different abilities. Full Assist allows all battles to play out automatically, letting you enjoy exploration and the world’s fascinating lore.

Rich lore to explore
Browse Lyria’s journal to learn more about The Sky Realm’s peoples, places and history. Take on numerous side quests and discover your crewmates’ backstories in special Fate Episodes.

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Firmware requirements: 5.05 or higher

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Languages : Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
Granblue Fantasy Relink v1 (CUSA34766 – ASIA – PKG)
Update 1.11 (Fix 5.05 / 6.72 / 7.02 / 7.55 / 9.00) (CUSA34766 – ASIA – PKG)
Deluxe Edition DLC v2 (CUSA34766 – ASIA – PKG)