Hell Pie

Hell Pie is an offensive 3D platformer that pushes the limits of poor taste to their absolute limit! The objective of the game is to grasp the horns of Nate, who is known as the “Demon of Bad Taste.” He has been entrusted with the illustrious responsibility of procuring the revolting ingredients for Satan’s notorious birthday pie. In order to accomplish this, Nate must travel out into the overworld and do whatever it takes to ensure that the necessary ingredients are acquired on time; otherwise, he will have to pay the price in hell!

Nate is fortunate in that he is not going on this journey alone because his “pet” angel Nugget is there to offer him support. Nugget is able to provide his holy insight when it is required, but more importantly, he is chained to Nate, which allows him to be utilised as a grappling hook or swung around as a weapon. Nate has the ability to equip horns that he discovers throughout the world, which will grant him new devilish abilities.

Firmware requirements: 9

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA33532:

Hell Pie v1 (CUSA33532 – US – PKG)
Hell Pie Update v1.04 (CUSA33532 – US – PKG)