Khara The Game

Khara is an adventure story starred by a young girl who will have to find out who she really is. – Khara The Game pkg


She will make use of her powers over water in order to face the many dangers that await her on the Atlantis Island.

The game follows Khara, the daughter of a fisherman, who shipwrecks on the mysterious island of Atlantis. Khara discovers that she has incredible powers that allow her to control water and must use them to face her destiny and become a young heroine.

Here’s a summary of the game’s aspects:

Story: Unravel the mystery of Atlantis and discover Khara’s connection to the island.
Gameplay: The game combines various genres including shooting, puzzles, fighting, and platforming.
World: Explore the mythical city of Atlantis.
Khara: The Game received mixed reviews upon release, but it has its fans who appreciate its unique style and challenging gameplay. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly game with a mix of genres and an Atlantis theme, Khara: The Game might be worth checking out.

Khara: The Game is a budget title and it shows. The game has been criticized for its rough around the edges graphics, but some reviewers found the seeds of an interesting game there. The game combines elements of adventure, shooter, puzzle, fighting, and platformer genres.

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Firmware requirements: 5, 9

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Language : English
Khara The Game v1 (CUSA11045 – EUR – PKG)