Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition

“Your father was a blacksmith, and your name is Henry. You are suddenly thrust into the middle of a bloody civil war, and you can do nothing but watch helplessly as invaders storm your village and kill your friends and family. After barely avoiding the vicious attack, you quickly grab your sword and prepare to fight back. Help repel the invading forces while you seek vengeance for the deaths of your parents.

• A massive, realistic open world with magnificent castles and expansive fields, all of which are rendered using cutting-edge graphics technology
• Non-linear narrative: Complete quests in a variety of different ways, then deal with the repercussions of your choices

• A challenging method of combat, be it at a distance, stealthily, or in close quarters. You can select your weapons, and there are dozens of combos for you to pull off in battles that are just as brutal as they are exciting.
• Customization of your character’s appearance, advancement of their abilities, and acquisition of new benefits
• Dynamic world: the responses of the people around you are influenced by the actions that you take. You can bribe, threaten, fight, steal, or seduce your way to victory.
• Accuracy with respect to the past: You will come face to face with real historical figures and get an authentic glimpse and feeling of mediaeval Bohemia. ‘

Firmware requirements: 5.50

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA15436:

Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition v1.05 FW 5.50 (CUSA15436 – EUR – PKG)