Kruger 2

Kruger’s journey continues on mystery island full of enemies and dangerous creatures. – Kruger 2 pkg


This time though, Kruger has got a sword that protects him from enemies in the desert, cave or in mystic forest.

Key Points:
Platform Game: It belongs to the platformer genre, likely involving jumping, running, and overcoming obstacles.
Mysterious Island Setting: The game takes place on a mysterious island, suggesting diverse environments and challenges.
Sword Combat: Kruger is equipped with a sword, indicating a focus on combat against enemies.
Limited Information: Unfortunately, comprehensive reviews or in-depth gameplay details might be scarce.

While Kruger 2 might not have a massive online presence, utilizing these resources can provide a better understanding of the game’s mechanics, visuals, and overall experience.

Kruger 2 is an action-adventure game where the protagonist, Kruger, continues his journey on a mysterious island. This island is crawling with enemies and dangerous creatures, but this time Kruger is armed with a sword to defend himself in the diverse environments like deserts, caves, and mystical forests.

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Firmware requirements: 9

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA36058 – USA:

Language : English
Note : No Trophy
Kruger 2 v1 (CUSA36058 – USA – PKG)