Mahjong Deluxe 3

Mahjong Deluxe 3 is the newest entry in the popular Mahjong series of casual games produced by award-winning game developer EnsenaSoft. With more than 15 million downloads across versions, the blockbuster series of Mahjong Deluxe continues to impress with its ease of use, intuitive controls and family-friendly features and content. – Mahjong Deluxe 3 pkg

Mahjong Deluxe 3 includes 8 different worlds containing a total of 640 exciting puzzle layouts to enjoy in classic 2D and glorious 3D. Puzzles are laid out using random tile orders, allowing you to replay each layout many times with a new experience each time. An exciting scoring system, great sound effects and relaxing music adds to the fun. Suitable to players of all ages and experience levels, Mahjong Deluxe 3 offers a modern rendition of the popular Chinese classic, and is a must-have title in your casual game collection.

8 different worlds: Each world offers unique and exciting puzzle layouts, totaling 640 levels to challenge you.
2D and 3D gameplay: Choose between the classic 2D view or the immersive 3D perspective for a different experience.
Random tile orders: Puzzles are randomly generated, ensuring a fresh challenge every time you play.
Exciting scoring system: Rack up points by clearing tiles quickly and efficiently.
Relaxing music and sound effects: Enhance your gameplay with calming music and satisfying sound effects.
Suitable for all ages: The game’s intuitive controls and family-friendly content make it enjoyable for players of all skill levels.

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Firmware requirements: 5.05, 9

πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½ – CUSA07267 – USA:

Mahjong Deluxe 3 v1 USA FW 9 (CUSA07267 – USA – PKG)

πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½ – CUSA10428 – EUR:

Subtitles : English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
v1 EUR FW 9 (CUSA10428 – EUR – PKG)