Quake II

Quake II is a highly rated first-person shooter game made by id Software in 1997. It has a completely new science fiction storyline and setting. – Quake II pkg

The story of Quake II takes place on Earth in the near future, where humanity is being invaded by the Strogg, a race of cybernetically enhanced aliens. You play as a Corporal named Bitterman, who is sent on a mission to infiltrate the Strogg mothership and stop the invasion.

Quake II is a fast-paced and action-packed game. Players battle their way through a variety of levels, using a variety of weapons and power-ups to defeat enemies. The game also features multiplayer modes, allowing players to compete against each other or team up to take on challenges together.

Quake II was a critical and commercial success, praised for its fast-paced gameplay, innovative graphics, and immersive atmosphere. It is considered one of the most influential games of its time and helped to popularize the first-person shooter genre.

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Firmware requirements: 9

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Game Content:
– Quake II
– Quake II (x64)
– Expansion: Call of the Machine
– Expansion: The Reckoning
– Expansion: Ground Zero
Quake II v1 (CUSA35422 – USA – PKG)
Update 1.05 (CUSA35422 – USA – PKG)