Quest Hunter

In the isometric action-role-playing game Quest Hunter, your decisions will shape the narrative. Discover a wealth of treasures and hidden information, work through challenging puzzles, improve your character’s equipment and abilities, and vanquish the most powerful bosses the enemies have to offer. You can play the game on your couch, either by yourself or with friends, or you can host an online party with up to three other players!

Story-driven role-playing game in which the player can affect the progression of the plot by making choices during dialogue. Unravel the devious schemes that your adversaries have devised and expose them to the light of day. Deliver the world from the gloom that will never end!

Play the game online with your friends or locally on the same screen (up to four players total) in the game’s cooperative mode. Fight together against the forces of evil, or prepare a mass grave in the stronghold of the adversary!

Dungeons that are generated at random are there for you to test your skills and see if you can find a way out of them. This time, where could it possibly be? Who is there to greet you around the bend in the road?

Puzzles and quests, including “move,” “turn,” “light,” “switch over,” and “dig up” To summarise, you will need to complete a number of different quests and puzzles. Find the treasure maps and you’ll be the richest man in the campsite in no time!

Firmware requirements: 7.50, 9

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Quest Hunter v1 FW 7.5 (CUSA20604 – USA – PKG)
Quest Hunter Update v1.02 FW 9 (CUSA20604 – USA – PKG)
Quest Hunter STRANGEWOOD DLCs (CUSA20604 – USA – PKG)