Seasons after Fall

Seasons After Fall is a 2D platform-puzzler game that will let you dive into an enthralling universe and explore a land that is governed by magic and nature. The game is presented in a flat, two-dimensional perspective. You start the game as a wild fox and are given the task of travelling to meet the four Guardians. The only power you have is the ability to control the seasons at will, so you are able to manipulate a beautiful 2D world.

Every one of the four seasons brings about significant alterations to the surrounding environment; it is up to you to bring about these alterations and open up new avenues. During the winter, waterfalls can become frozen solid, and the rain that falls in the spring can cause water levels to rise, but during the summer, certain plants can grow and spread out.

Explore a world that has been brought to life through the use of breathtaking hand-painted graphics and original music performed by a string quartet. Explore enchanted vistas and sceneries as the music, mood, and atmosphere flow fluidly with the changing of the seasons.

Firmware requirements: ???

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA03158:

Seasons after Fall v1 (CUSA03158 – EUR – PKG)
Seasons after Fall v1.01 (CUSA03158 – EUR – PKG)