Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Carve your own clever path to vengeance in an all-new adventure from developer FromSoftware, creators of Bloodborne and the Dark Souls series.

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In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice you are the β€œone-armed wolf”, a disgraced and disfigured warrior rescued from the brink of death. Bound to protect a young lord who is the descendant of an ancient bloodline, you become the target of many vicious enemies, including the dangerous Ashina clan.

When the young lord is captured, nothing will stop you on a perilous quest to regain your honor, not even death itself.

Firmware requirements: 5.05, 6.72 or higher

πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½ – CUSA13801 – EUR:

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice v1 PKG (CUSA13801 – EUR – PKG)
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Update v1.05 Fix FW 5.05 or higher PKG (CUSA13801 – EUR – PKG)
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Update v1.06 PKG (CUSA13801 – EUR – PKG)