Soul Hackers 2

You will have the ability to download both the digital PS4TM version and the digital PS5TM version of this game when you purchase this product.

Atlus, the developer behind such beloved franchises as Persona and Shin Megami Tensei, is proud to introduce its newest mystery role-playing game, Soul Hackers 2!
Join Ringo, an agent of the highly intelligent lifeform Aion, as she joins forces with Devil Summoners to stop the impending destruction of the world. Ringo is the main character of the game.

The new battle system enables you to use “sabbaths,” which require you to perform COMP upgrades and fuse demons in order to give your party a significant boost in power. This will allow you to easily destroy your foes.
The “Vision Quests” that have become a trademark of the Soul Hackers series make a return in Soul Hackers 2, giving you the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with the other playable characters!
Watch as Ringo and the rest of the gang make their way through the layers of their deteriorating society in order to unearth the dreadful secret that is buried there.
This is the first episode of a brand new drama that stars Devil Summoners and a lifeform with an extremely high level of intelligence.

Firmware requirements: 5.05

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