Space Overlords

Since the beginning of time, the four brothers who are collectively referred to as the Overlords have been held captive by the malevolent Kesedihan, who is responsible for the gradual destruction of the cosmos. You and your brothers have to take action to rid the planets you have cultivated over the course of the centuries of the evil that has contaminated them. – Space Overlords pkg


The mode of gameplay thrusts you headfirst into the thick of the action, where you’ll be levelling cities and tearing through defences on other planets.

Unleash cosmic fury in Space Overlords, a chaotic single-player or local multiplayer rampage through the galaxy! Cast aside your shackles and embody one of four monstrous Overlords – each with unique abilities. Fire raining from the sky? Check. Earthquakes at your command? Absolutely. Become a planet-crushing colossus, wreaking havoc upon unsuspecting civilizations.

Reduce cities to rubble with satisfyingly destructive combos and laugh maniacally as your enemies scramble in vain. Don’t be fooled by the light-hearted destruction – Space Overlords offers strategic depth. Choose your Overlord wisely, their strengths and weaknesses play a crucial role in conquering diverse planetary defenses.

Test your skills against challenging enemy forces and colossal bosses, all while reveling in the cartoonish mayhem. For an extra dose of chaos, invite up to three friends for local multiplayer mayhem. Work together (or gleefully betray each other) as you dominate the cosmos in a gloriously destructive spectacle. So, unleash your inner space overlord, conquer planets, and reign supreme in a galaxy filled with explosive fun!

• Name a galaxy and fill it with your own planets created with the Level Editor. • Local Multiplayer Vs. Mode, which supports up to four players and four distinct game types. • Special planets that can only be accessed by multiple players. You can also play other people’s levels, which you can download and play, as well as share your planets with the community.
• New Extended Campaigns – You will play through two new galaxies in the ‘The Fight for the Awakened’ and ‘The Great Serpent’ campaigns • While you play as one of two new Overlords, you will learn the story behind the corruption in Kesedihan.

Firmware requirements: 5.05 or higher

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