The highly acclaimed second instalment in the STAR OCEAN series, returns as STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R pkg.

Brought to life with a unique 2.5D aesthetic, which fuses 2D pixel characters and 3D environments, this remake includes everything that made the original release so great while adding new elements too!

Experience new battle mechanics, full Japanese and English voice overs, original and re-arranged music, fast-travel and so much more! Discover the definitive version of a classic but modernized JRPG that’s perfect for newcomers and long-time fans alike.

In the vast expanse of space, where countless stars twinkle like celestial jewels, lies the planet Roak, a world teetering on the brink of chaos. Once a peaceful haven, Roak has been ravaged by the relentless onslaught of the Crystalline Race, a technologically advanced alien civilization driven by an insatiable thirst for conquest.

Amidst the turmoil, a young woman named Claude Kenny emerges as a beacon of hope. A skilled swordsman and a fierce protector of her homeland, Claude embarks on a perilous journey to uncover the secrets of the Crystalline Race and restore peace to her beloved Roak.

Along the way, Claude encounters a diverse cast of allies, each with their own unique talents and motivations. Together, they form an unbreakable bond of friendship, facing countless trials and tribulations that test their courage and resilience.

As Claude delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding the Crystalline Race, she uncovers a sinister plot that threatens to engulf the entire galaxy in darkness. With the fate of Roak and the cosmos hanging in the balance, Claude must summon all her strength and determination to confront the enemy and secure the future of her world.

With the STAR OCEAN game, I remember about STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE pkg, you can try.

Firmware requirements: 5.05, 9

πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½ – CUSA40651 – USA:

Voice : English, Japanese
Screen Languages : English, French (France), German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
Update 1.10 (Fix 5.05/6.72/7.02/7.55/9.00) (CUSA40651 – USA – PKG)
DLC (CUSA40651 – USA – PKG)