Submerged Hidden Depths

A city that has been submerged, with the crumbling peaks of skyscrapers defiantly standing above the water. abandoned towns that have been taken over by mysterious creatures in recent years. And lurking beneath the churning surface of the ocean is a tormented and enraged presence.

“Relaxploration” is the focus of the non-combat third-person action game Submerged: Hidden Depths, which is located in the submerged ruins of a breathtaking world. Assume the roles of Miku and Taku, the former of whom is afflicted with a mysterious power that she hopes to put to good use, and the latter of whom is determined that they will not allow it to drive a wedge between them.

Explore what is left of a once-majestic city by boating across placid waters and white-capped waves, climbing what is left of the city’s towers, and searching the structures for the seeds that will bring it back to life.

Firmware requirements: 9

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA29030:

Submerged Hidden Depths v1 (CUSA29030 – USA – PKG)
Submerged Hidden Depths update v1.01 (CUSA29030 – USA – PKG)