Jume’s game shop is in trouble, and she needs her brother Tomo’s help to save it! Mash together iconic genres to create never-before-seen gaming experiences. – SuperMash pkg


Jump through classic Platformer levels with a tactical Stealth character, fight as spaceships in engaging JRPG battles, and more! Anything is possible with SuperMash’s emergent game system, which creates a unique game every time you play. You can even customize your Mashes with the help of Dev Cards! Think the Mash you made is impossible? Share its MASH Code with a friend or streamer and see if they can beat it!

Unleash your gaming imagination in SuperMash, a genre-bending love letter to retro classics. This innovative title lets you craft unique gaming experiences by mashing together two beloved genres. Fancy a stealthy platformer with RPG elements? Or perhaps a shoot ’em up infused with classic JRPG battles? SuperMash makes it all possible!

Dive into a world of pixelated charm and explore the endless possibilities generated by the game’s unique system. Each combination creates a fresh adventure with its own rules, objectives, and even hilariously unexpected bugs that channel the spirit of retro gaming. Don’t just play a game, become a game designer!

Customize your creations with Dev Cards, unlocking new enemies, playable characters, mechanics, and environments to truly personalize your mashed masterpiece.

Challenge your friends by sharing your unique creations with a simple code. Can they conquer your impossible platformer-RPG hybrid, or will you be left in awe of their action-adventure puzzler concoction? SuperMash transcends traditional gaming, offering an endless playground of creativity and a delightful journey through gaming history – all in one unforgettable package.

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Firmware requirements: 7.5, 9

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA14386 – USA:

Voice : English
Screen Languages : English, Portuguese (Brazil)
SuperMash v1 (CUSA14386 – USA – PKG)
Update 1.03 (CUSA14386 – USA – PKG)