Taishogun The Rise of Emperor

Heian-Jidai’s 12th century period many internal tensions occur with the increasing power of the clans increasing alongside the imperial court, where mysterious supernatural phenomena occur. – Taishogun The Rise of Emperor pkg


Over the years, two powerful clans have fought intense conflicts over power.

Where one of them led by the legendary Shogun Hōjō Tokimasa achieved great and important victories against the other enemies.

However, regional leaders continued to have great power and influence. Where they made a secret alliance with occult forces to defeat and assassinate the legendary Shogun and takes his post from him as military chief.

However, after his assassination he all military power was placed in the hands of his daughter Hōjō Masako.

Genpei’s war with Masako then begins, with a mission to defeat all enemy demons and clans that conspire to assassinate the legendary Tokimasa.


– Ray-Tracing
– Epic Combats
– Dynamic Sound
– Amazing Graphics
– Gigantic Environment (Open World)
– Dynamic Weather (Rain, Storm, Snow, Fog)

Unsheathe your blade and defend the emperor in Taishogun: The Rise of Emperor, a challenging action game steeped in Japanese folklore. As Genpei, a legendary warrior sworn to protect the imperial bloodline, you face a rising darkness threatening to engulf the land.

Demons and rival clans conspire to overthrow the emperor, and only your skills and unwavering loyalty stand in their way. Traverse expansive open-world environments, their beauty marred by the encroaching demonic influence. Dynamic weather systems add another layer of challenge, as you battle through rain, snow, and fog.

Engage in epic sword combat, mastering combos and parries to vanquish your foes. Take down fearsome demons and rival samurai in intense battles that test your reflexes and combat prowess. The game boasts stunning ray-tracing graphics, bringing the world and its characters to life in breathtaking detail. Can you rise to the challenge, restore peace to the land, and ensure the emperor’s rightful reign? Taishogun: The Rise of Emperor awaits, offering a thrilling blend of action, exploration, and legendary samurai battles.

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Firmware requirements: 6.50, 9

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA20289 – USA:

Language : English
Note : No Trophy
Taishogun The Rise of Emperor v1 (CUSA20289 – USA – PKG)