The Darkside Detective

Where cultists crawl, where demons dwell, where the occult… occults? *ahem* That’s where you’ll find Detective Francis McQueen, the lead investigator of the criminally underfunded Darkside Division. – The Darkside Detective pkg


When evil darkens the doorsteps of Twin Lakes City – hell, even when it just loiters around shop fronts or hangs out in shady alleyways – he’s there, ready to investigate the cases that nobody else will.

Strap on your trench coat and step into the shadows with The Darkside Detective, a hilarious point-and-click adventure game where the paranormal meets the utterly bizarre. Take the reins as Detective Francis McQueen, the lone investigator of Twin Lakes City’s criminally underfunded Darkside Division.

Here, flesh-hungry tentacles, demonic threats, and the occasional missing sock are just another day at the office. Partnered with the enthusiastic but slightly clueless Officer Dooley, you’ll delve into a series of bite-sized supernatural cases.

Expect the unexpected as you interrogate quirky characters, scour pixelated environments for clues, and solve logic puzzles that will tickle your funny bone as much as they challenge your mind. With witty dialogue, a tongue-in-cheek story, and a heavy dose of 80s nostalgia, The Darkside Detective offers a side-splitting adventure for anyone who enjoys a good laugh and a healthy dose of the occult.

He is The Darkside Detective.
This multi award-winning comedic serial adventure sees Detective McQueen and his sidekick, Officer Patrick Dooley, investigating cases plaguing Twin Lakes and its colorful citizens. Point at everything in sight, click around mysterious and eerie locations, and use your wits (or borrow a friend’s) to lay these cases to rest!

Feature List
• 9 paranormal bite-sized micro cases to investigate around Twin Lakes City, including a Christmas Spectacular Special
• At least three jokes
• Cutting edge, high definition pixels
• One free curse-removal, up to and including mid-level witch hexes
• Music from Ben Prunty, the audiomancer behind gems such as Into the Breach, Subnautica, and FTL

If you want to play some good game, you can play The Darkside Detective A Fumble in the Dark pkg.

Firmware requirements: 8, 9

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA26042 – USA:

Languages : Chinese (Simplified), English, French (France), German, Spanish
Note : No Trophy
The Darkside Detective v1 (CUSA26042 – USA – PKG)
Update 1.71 (CUSA26042 – USA – PKG)