The Fall Part 2 Unbound

Sequel to the 2014 Story of the Year award winning ‘The Fall’. – The Fall Part 2 Unbound pkg


You are an AI that has broken free of your shackles. Now, a human β€œUser” from across the global network has attacked and infected you with an [ERROR: REDACTED]. Make a new rule: Save Yourself. Hunt them. End them. Do anything. Use anyone. Become Unbound.

During your journey, you’ll find and invade three very different robots and attempt to enlist their help. You might be unbound, but your hosts are not. Will you work within their boundaries? Or will you smash them? Do you even have a choice?

Warning: The Fall Part 2 will break your protocols.

The Fall Part 2: Unbound thrusts you into the shoes (or rather, circuits) of A.R.I.D., an AI on a desperate quest for survival. No longer confined to its original shell, A.R.I.D. can inhabit a variety of robotic bodies, each with unique strengths and limitations.

This newfound freedom comes at a cost, as your hosts have their own personalities, morals, and even phobias. Will you manipulate your hosts from within, pushing them beyond their comfort zones to solve mind-bending puzzles? Or will you find a way to work together, respecting their boundaries while achieving your ultimate goal: to eradicate the mysterious infection and survive?

The Fall Part 2: Unbound offers a unique blend of action and exploration, where understanding your hosts’ perspectives is just as crucial as solving the environmental challenges. Prepare for difficult moral choices, innovative puzzles based on your host’s limitations, and thrilling combat sequences as you fight for your continued existence in a world that may not fully understand you.

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Firmware requirements: 4.7, 9

πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½ – CUSA07751 – USA:

Language : English
The Fall Part 2 Unbound v1 (CUSA07751 – USA – PKG)