Tokyo Dark Remembrance

Legend tells of a door deep below Tokyo’s sewers. – Tokyo Dark Remembrance pkg


All who enter are lost forever. Detective Ito’s partner is missing. Explore Tokyo & uncover the darkness that lays beneath the streets in this narrative adventure that questions the very core of Ito’s sanity.

Plunge into the unsettling underbelly of Tokyo in Tokyo Dark: Remembrance, a narrative-driven point-and-click adventure shrouded in psychological horror. Step into the shoes of Detective Ito, consumed by worry as her partner vanishes under mysterious circumstances.

Your desperate search for answers leads you down a rabbit hole of disturbing urban legends, forcing you to confront your own sanity as the line between reality and nightmare blurs. Explore the neon-drenched streets and hidden alleyways of Tokyo, meticulously crafted with pixel art that perfectly captures the city’s gritty atmosphere. Unearth cryptic clues, decipher unsettling puzzles, and interact with a cast of characters harboring their own secrets. The choices you make throughout the investigation not only influence the outcome of the case, but also Detective Ito’s mental state.

As the narrative unfolds, be prepared to question everything you think you know, while facing the chilling possibility that some truths are better left buried. Tokyo Dark: Remembrance offers a haunting experience for those who crave a suspenseful adventure that will linger long after the credits roll.

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Firmware requirements: 6.5, 9

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA15836 – EUR:

Screen Languages : English, German
Tokyo Dark Remembrance v1 (CUSA15836 – EUR – PKG)