Top Run

Top Run pkg is endless runner with platformer elements.
Play as Kevin and his dog Buddy and make your way through the neon city full of dangerous enemies.


Unique oldschool style
It has everything we love: neon, pixel art, a bit of outrun, tiny piece of synthwave, scanlines, VHS effects. What else anyone would want in a retro arcade game?

In Top Run, a blast from the 80s crashes into the present, igniting an endless neon adventure! Take control of Kevin, a retro enthusiast, and his trusty canine companion, Buddy, as you hurtle through a city pulsating with vibrant pixel art and pulsing synthwave beats.

This isn’t your average jog – the neon streets are riddled with obstacles and mischievous enemies straight out of an arcade classic. Think you’ve got the reflexes? Dodge neon signs, zap foes with pixelated projectiles, and launch into epic boss battles, all while collecting pixel power-ups to boost your abilities. Top Run isn’t just about speed – master the platforming elements, find hidden shortcuts, and rack up points as you strive to become the ultimate neon runner.

With multiple difficulty modes, from casual cruising to hardcore adrenaline rushes, Top Run offers a thrilling challenge for players of all skill levels. So lace up your virtual running shoes, crank up the nostalgia, and see how far you can dash in this endless journey through a world of retro delight!

Amazing music
If you love 1980s then you definitely love good music. We’ve got professional soundtrack for you from a great synthwave artist – Beckett. That’s why we recommend you play with headphones to have a fully immersive experience.

Different modes
Normal mode: fun, challenging and addictive but not the hardest game ever.
Hardcore mode: run, survive, test your reflexes (the way arcade is supposed to be played).
Rage mode: what others call zen we call rage, let your inner anger out!

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Firmware requirements: 10

πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½πŸ”½ – CUSA24111 – EUR:

Voice : English
Screen Languages : English, German, Italian, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Spanish
Top Run v1 (CUSA24111 – EUR – PKG)