Twin Mirror

Sam Higgs had finished his business in Basswood, West Virginia; however, it appears that the town had not finished with him.

It quickly becomes apparent that there are more chapters to be written in the troubled history of the former investigative journalist when he returns to his hometown to say a final farewell to his best friend. The occasion for his return was to say his goodbye.

Sam is forced to confront his past, and as a result, he is torn between making amends with his loved ones and making use of his exceptional intellectual abilities to unearth the sinister mysteries that surround the town. But if you aren’t even sure that you can trust yourself, how can you possibly know who it is that you can trust?

Firmware requirements: 5.05

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA11932:

Moonlighter v1 (CUSA11932 – EUR – PKG)
Moonlighter Update v1.02 FW 5.05 (CUSA11932 – EUR – PKG)