UFO Robot Grendizer The Feast of The Wolves

UFO Robot Grendizer The Feast of The Wolves pkg promises an experience that will leave fans of the original anime breathless, while offering an exhilarating introduction for newcomers to the franchise. So strap in, engage the Double Spazer, and get ready for a feast of action!

Get ready to experience an unforgettable adventure with Grendizer, the famous giant robot. This action/adventure game adapted from the cult animated series will immerse you in the heart of the universe of its creator, Go Nagai, and will give you the chance to pilot the most powerful of robots and fight the forces of evil.

After Planet Fleed is destroyed by the Empire of Vega , Prince Daisuke takes refuge on our planet. Taken in and adopted by Genzo Umon, he lives at the Shirakaba Farm. While Vega’s invasion of Earth is imminent, Daisuke will defend the planet Earth with the help of Grendizer, the titanic robot hidden deep inside Genzo Umon’s observatory. With the help of Koji Kabuto, the prince of Planet Fleed will constantly repel Vegans’ attacks and fight his terrible robots, the Monstronefs, which were sent to destroy him.

Play as Daisuke and his colossal robot while fighting in epic battles with multiple gameplays: Piloting the Spazer (flying module where Grendizer is housed), vertical shoot-them-up in the Koji Kabuto’s TFO, and 3rd person action/combat by controlling Grendizer. Use his iconic and devastating attacks to destroy the terrifying Monstronefs and save the earth.

Find yourself in Daisuke’s shoes and meet many essential characters during dialog sequences in the iconic environments of the series, which was so diligently reproduced in accordance with the designs of the original series.
And finally, earn experience points while completing missions to achieve new abilities and upgrade your powers.

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Firmware requirements: 5.05, 9+

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UFO Robot Grendizer The Feast of The Wolves v1 (CUSA41342 – EUR – PKG)
Update 1.04 (CUSA41342 – EUR – PKG)
Update 1.04 (Fix 5.05/6.72/7.xx/8.xx) (CUSA41342 – EUR – PKG)
Deluxe Edition Upgrade (CUSA41342 – EUR – PKG)