Weird West

In this action role-playing game (RPG), which was co-created by the same people who were responsible for the games Dishonoured and Prey, you must fight to stay alive while uncovering the secrets of the Weird West.

Learn about a Wild West reimagining that is set in a world of dark fantasy, where lawmen and gunslingers coexist with fantastical creatures on the frontier. Travel through the tale of a group of heroes who are anything but typical, whose legend will be shaped by the choices you make in an unforgiving land. Each journey is one of a kind and based on the choices that are made, making it feel like a series of high-stakes adventures in which everything matters and the world responds to the decisions that are made. Create your own version of each legend by going into the otherworldly confines of the Weird West with a group of friends or by striking out on your own.

Firmware requirements: 9

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA17598:

Weird West v1.17 (CUSA26271 – USA – PKG)
Weird West update v1.17 SPLASH FIX (CUSA26271 – USA – PKG)
Weird West All DLC (CUSA26271 – USA – PKG)