Yuletide Legends Who Framed Santa Claus

For the Yuletide Detective there is no busier time then the winter season and this year proves it like none other. As Brigitte Woolf you’re seconds away from sinking in your cozy armchair and chilling with a cup of cocoa, but a visit from Mrs. Santa changes your plans. – Yuletide Legends Who Framed Santa Claus pkg


Not only was her husband accused of an extremely callous theft, but Santa himself became a victim of a thief. The unknown perpetrator took away his voice and left him in despair.

In the game, you take on the role of Brigitte Woolf, a Yuletide Detective, who must clear Santa Claus’s name after he is framed for theft and loses his voice. You’ll travel through winter wonderlands, solve puzzles, and meet fantastical characters like the Snow Queen and Jack Frost to find the true culprit and save Christmas.

In the face of such wickedness and such an aggressive attack on the winter spirit, you have no other option than to put down your book and cozy blanket and get on with some splendid detective work with a magnifying glass in your hand. Especially since you will meet lots of people from magic and myths – the Snow Queen, Jack Frost and Krampus.

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Firmware requirements: 5.05 or higher, 9

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Languages : Eng, Fra
Yuletide Legends Who Framed Santa Claus v1.01 (CUSA45848 – USA – PKG)