Antiquia Lost

The Great Battle that took place in the past took place on the world of Edelstein, which is inhabited by three different tribes. As a result of the collaboration between the three different tribes, peace currently reigns throughout the world. On the other hand, ominous clouds are gathering over the future of the world, which everyone believed would continue without end… It is now time for Bine and his companions to find out the real story behind the history of the world!

Antiquia Lost is a fantasy role-playing game that features stunning turn-based combat in 2D. Utilising the skills of the Fai, the Ruta, and the Eeth tribes will allow you to become the dominant force on the battlefield.
Lunaria, the half-slime protagonist, consumes gems in order to grow and even mimic the powerful attacks of monsters. Create the protagonist exactly how you want her to face off against powerful foes!

Firmware requirements: 4.5

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA09437

Antiquia Lost v1 (CUSA09437 – US – PKG)