Genetic Disaster

1/ Play alone or grab some friends 2/ Pick a character and his mutations 3/ Fight your way out of the mad mansion! – Genetic Disaster pkg


Upgrade your hero to build your own gameplay style and combine different ones to create the perfect team if you play with friends.

Don’t feel like cooperating? A special PvP arena is also available: “Stool Wars” let 2 to 4 players fight against each other. No guns, only stools, explosive barrels and boost. Perfect to have a blast and settle scores.

Genetic Disaster Features:

– Solo or Multiplayer PvP or Coop (up to 4 players)
– Procedurally generated levels for unique playthroughs
– Vibrant and original hand painted art style
– Over 75 powerful and crazy weapons
– Lots of enemies to destroy and dangers/traps to avoid
– 4 unique characters with special abilities
– Over 50 mutations to upgrade your hero

Genetic Disaster is a chaotic action game where the line between hilarious and hazardous blurs. Players, up to four in co-op, find themselves trapped in a procedurally generated mansion overrun with mutated creatures. Forget about standard weaponry;

this game throws absurd guns, goofy characters, and friendly fire into the mix for a truly unforgettable experience. Each playthrough offers a fresh challenge as the mansion adapts and throws new dangers your way.

Between battling hordes of enemies and navigating traps, players can upgrade their heroes with unique mutations and abilities, creating a diverse arsenal for tackling the madness. Whether you play solo or with friends, Genetic Disaster promises an explosion of chaotic fun, where laughter and bullets fly in equal measure.

The game’s motto: “Cooperate, but not too much!”

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Firmware requirements: 7, 9

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA18939 – USA:

Language : English
Note : No Trophy
Genetic Disaster v1 (CUSA18939 – USA – PKG)