Zaccaria Pinball

Zaccaria was the third largest manufacturer of pinball machines in the world when it was established. The company was founded by three brothers named Marino, Franco, and Natale (behind Bally & Williams). Between the years 1974 and 1987, they designed and manufactured over 35 unique pinball machines.

FEATURES – The Space Shuttle table can be played for free at any time.

-The trial mode is active for every other pinball table, which means there is a maximum score that can be achieved.
-Pinball tables designed by Zaccaria with a high level of detail.
-The first recording to feature vocals, sound effects, and table rules.
-Astonishing effects with light and shadow.
-Physics and ball movement that are highly accurate and can be customised.
-A variety of gameplay modes, including Arcade, Simulation, and Custom modes.
-The Custom Game Mode gives you the ability to change the pinball game’s physics!
-A Camera Editor that enables you to tailor all four camera views to your particular preferences.

The following FREE contents are available to you in the version that is free to play:
-The Space Shuttle is an open and available seat at the table.
-Every other table has a score limit, and it is possible to play at that table until the player reaches the maximum number of points allowed at that table.
— The Story Mode

Firmware requirements: 7.55

🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 – CUSA18557:

Zaccaria Pinball v1 FW 7.55 (CUSA18557 – USA – PKG)
Zaccaria Pinball Update v1.02 Fix FW 7.55 (CUSA18557 – USA – PKG)
Zaccaria Pinball All DLCs (CUSA18557 – USA – PKG)